Techno Police takes place in the futuristic year of 2001 where crime has gotten so out of hand that the cops now use robots instead of guns to fight crime. The movie opens as we meet our hero Ken, at least I think thats his name I can’t actually remember but this is a Japanese […]

This currently stands as the dumbest of all the movies we have ever done. If you don’t believe us just read what follows and you’ll see why. This movie is about Chris, a young man going no where who is transported to another world and becomes a mystical warrior. When to movie begins we first […]

What do you get when you make an anime movie based on a popular sci-fi series? You get the 80’s anime travesty Lensman also known as Lensman: Secret of the Lens. The story is about a farm boy named Kimball Kinnison who inherits a mystical lens which attaches to his hand. The lens now makes […]

The most infamous of all the movies we’ve done as this film was reportedly booed out of a theater in Dallas back when it was shown in 1988. This is not actually a movie but the first part of an OAV series, Megazone 23, edited together with scenes from the tv series Southern Cross. The […]

In retrospect this film is actually decent when compared to the rest of the dreck we’ve done. This film was our first ever project which was actually performed live. We had no idea what we were doing and ended up borrowing a microphone at the last minute to share between the three of us. Which […]

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