So 2 years ago I got some friends to help me put up this website and had a lot of big ideas about what it would become.  Well in that 2 years we have posted about 10 things then just stopped.  So what it became was exactly a waste of space on the web a forgotten idea that ironically made the site live up to it’s motto.  Anyways lately I’ve been looking around for some kind of creative outlet and remembered “holy crap” I actually have a website.  So maybe it’s time to actually use it, anyways I don’t know how often I may actually post anything or if it will be nothing more then raving nonsense or as originally intended.  Which by the way was for me and my friends to just talk and write about the things we loved, being things like comic books, anime, movies, video games, and pop culture in general.  We decided we would also talk about things we found that just stunned us in it’s sheer awfulness and would write about them hoping what we said would be funny and clever.   Finally we wanted a web site for a little project we do called Mystery Anime Theater which was our little homage to one of our favorite tv shows.  In the end it seems like nothing really came of it though and here I am typing away after 2 years of posting nothing.  So what now, well I can’t say maybe once again this will become an idea that goes nowhere or maybe I’ll actually do something with it this time.   Maybe people will care what we have to say or maybe its just another waste of time either way I’m just gonna have fun with it while I can.



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