The most infamous of all the movies we’ve done as this film was reportedly booed out of a theater in Dallas back when it was shown in 1988. This is not actually a movie but the first part of an OAV series, Megazone 23, edited together with scenes from the tv series Southern Cross. The last 12 minutes of the movie is original animation made specifically for the movie and the difference in the animation quality between Megazone and Southern Cross is so noticeable it takes you right out of the film. This film also features original songs by Three Dog Night and continues the Robotech tradition of idol singers (Minmay, Yellow Dancer) with the character of Eve.

Of all the movies we’ve done we rate this as the hardest because it was so hard to come up with lines and a lot of it seems forced. During one writing session we checked the time code and realized that after 2 hours we had only watched 10 minutes of the movie because we were struggling so hard coming up with stuff to say. Once again this was originally performed live and this time we managed to get 2 microphones. About 20 minutes into the live performance the sound actually dropped out and we were forced to actually pause the movie and check the A/V connections. The rest of the show went off without a hitch but when it was over one person who sat through the whole thing actually complained that he wanted to see the movie without our added commentary. As someone who has watched the film multiple times it’s not something I recommend.



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