What do you get when you make an anime movie based on a popular sci-fi series? You get the 80’s anime travesty Lensman also known as Lensman: Secret of the Lens. The story is about a farm boy named Kimball Kinnison who inherits a mystical lens which attaches to his hand. The lens now makes him a Lensman who are some kind of galactic supercops. With his new found lens powers Kim defeats the Boskone empire and saves the galaxy.

This was the first time we ever filmed a movie instead of performing it live and we learned many valuable lessons in the process. First don’t wait till the last minute to figure out all the equipment and cables you will need. This led to John driving to Radio Shack at warp speed ten minutes before it closed to buy $90 worth of cable and connectors. Second the guy at the music store is an idiot, the sales person assured us that the audio mixer could handle 3 microphones well he was wrong and and we had to chain two mixers together to use multiple mics. Third 2 microphones is not enough even with two mixers chained together we were still only able to use 2 mics. If you looks very closely you can see the three of us passing the microphone back and forth. Last never attempt to film at two in the morning both Roger and Murdock were extremely tired and it caused them to miss several lines. This also resulted in one of the most awkward moments as at one point you can see John reach over and point to Murdock’s script after he missed a couple of lines. The movie also features a 12 minute long chase scene which has maybe two lines of dialog throughout the whole scene. With no dialog to rif on many of us were left a little dumb struck as to what exactly say while the scene seemed to run on and on and on. Lensman would also be the last time John would perform in Mystery Anime Theater prefering to work behind the camera.



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