This currently stands as the dumbest of all the movies we have ever done. If you don’t believe us just read what follows and you’ll see why. This movie is about Chris, a young man going no where who is transported to another world and becomes a mystical warrior. When to movie begins we first meet Chris and he is your typical teenager with his whole life ahead of him and not sure what the future holds. One night while riding his motorcycle home a giant goose swoops down from the skies and transports Chris to the not so magical world of Byston Well. Chris arrives in this new place sans clothing, but there is no need for him to be bashful as he is now as anatomically correct as a Ken doll. When he gets to Byston Well he helps a tribe of people who believe he is a “holy warrior” escape enslavement. They believe this because he has stupid looking giant glowing wings that sprout from his feet. The slaves escape and head towards the river but are continually chased by their oppressors. At this point one of the fugitive slaves asks the question “Has anyone seen the river?” as he happens to be standing in knee deep water. Also we find out there are now two Chris’s one on Earth and one in Byston Well. It only gets better from there as they can also communicate with each other. This leads to the most boring and inane dialog throughout the whole movie as Chris talks to…, well himself. The rest of the movie basically involves our hero leading the slaves on a quest to the Gobajoojoo tree while being chased by the villains. Along the way the are helped out by a 8 foot tall ninja who may or may not live with monkeys named Tau’ul Rod. Now when you say his name out loud it sounds like “towel rod” so thats what we called him for the rest of the movie. Also because Towel Rod wears a mask the voice director had the actor dub his lines while placing his hand over his mouth. The big climax of the movie has the slaves fighting the bad guys, who happen to be riding on dinosaurs and the Rancor from Return of The Jedi, in a canyon. The film ends with the Chris who is still on earth riding on his motorcycle with his girlfriend on back. When suddenly the giant glowing wings sprout from his feet and they fly towards the Gobajoojoo tree on the motorcycle.

When we showed this at Nan Desu Kan we weren’t sure what to expect. It was playing in a video room that sat 540 people. When the movie started to our surprise it was standing room only, unfortunately that number dropped to about 120 within the first ten minutes. There was an audio issue in the video room and that made it very hard to hear what was being said by us over the film. Either way the people who stayed laughed and seemed to really enjoy it. .



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