Techno Police takes place in the futuristic year of 2001 where crime has gotten so out of hand that the cops now use robots instead of guns to fight crime. The movie opens as we meet our hero Ken, at least I think thats his name I can’t actually remember but this is a Japanese movie so I’m sure somebody is named Ken. Ken works as a member of the highway patrol but has just been transfered to the Techno Police in Centinel City. Apparently Centinel City is the most crime ridden city in the world as one of Ken’s fellow officers lets him know that he’s known five other cops who were assigned to Centinel City and he’s been to the funerals of four of them. Anyway we are forced to sit through a really long and annoying opening credit sequence as we watch Ken drive to Centinel City along the way he meets a fellow Techno Police officer. As soon as they arrive in Centinel City they help the Techno Police break up a bank robbery but the two culprits manage to escape. Now the 2 guys from the bank robbery have moved on to hijacking a super tank and the Techno Police eventually stop and arrest them. It turns out the reason it’s a super tank is that it has advanced Artificial Intelligence and the tank keeps going even after the hijackers are caught. The rest of the movie is just a long drawn out chase between the tank and the Techno Police who have to stop the tank because it will self destruct when it runs out of ammo and it just happens to be nuclear powered.

This movie wasn’t very difficult but for some reason we never seemed that motivated to work on it. It was originally intended for NDK 2005 but we dragged our feet on it and decided to just put it off for one year instead debuting it at NDK 2006. The thing that stands out the most about this movie is the dub track, as it sounds like it was dubbed by the same people who dubbed a whole bunch of kung fu movies from the late seventies. Once again we played to a standing room only crowd and I guess people have started to figure out who we are as several of them came up to us afterwards to thanks us or tell us what they thought. Anyways this also seemed to follow the tradition of us thinking about calling it quits with this project until we sat down and watched it with an audience and were re-energized by the audience reaction and appreciation. So I guess we’ll make another one.



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