In retrospect this film is actually decent when compared to the rest of the dreck we’ve done. This film was our first ever project which was actually performed live. We had no idea what we were doing and ended up borrowing a microphone at the last minute to share between the three of us. Which of course lead to such great moments as each one of us tried to pry the microphone out of the others’ hands. Luckily it was performed in the dark and the audience didn’t see the giant cluster fuck that was going on behind the audio/video equipment.

While the story is quite lame it just doesn’t reek of the awfulness of our later projects. The story is about Gigi a girl from some magical kingdom who lives on earth with her adopted parents. The parents go on a trip then mysteriously vanish so Gigi decides to look for them. She finds them on an island with Peter Pan who has tuned everyone (except the parents) into little children. Peter is determined to stop all the wars and fighting on the planet, but not by doing anything meaningful or constructive just being a bit of a douche.

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